My interest in photography began as an early teen with a camera (Olympus OM-1) and lessons in b&w darkroom techniques, both a gift from my parents.  This passion evolved into a career. Not the typical photography career but rather one in scientific imaging.


My research as a graduate biology student required developing methods to analyze high-speed video. Now we are talking ancient times. I was working with a very early high-speed digital camera, a 500 fps 0.01 megapixel Reticon. Yes, this is not a misprint. It featured a 100 by 100 photodiode array. That was an amazing piece of technology! Mind you, to operate it required writing code in assembly language. Many years down the line, I was co-director of a national image processing lab, the Computer Vision Center for Vertebrate Brain Mapping. That’s a long way from an OM-1 and a darkroom!


During all this time, I continued my photographic avocation. Like many, I transitioned from film to digital photography in the 2000-2004 period. Soon after, I entered the art fair and gallery scene.  


My photographs are not intended to make social, political, or philosophical statements. I do not strive to reveal reality. My intentions are to delight the eye and on occasion tickle the funny bone. I hope I have succeeded and you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.



LVAG Gallery at Sunset Galleria Mall, Henderson, NV. Ongoing.